CMI Services

The leader in hard surface cleaning sice 2009

With our ability to ship the equivalent of 16 drums of chemical solutions in small, manageable containers, CMI offers and ships proprietary chemicals to facilities nationwide. Once you have selected our products, you wll also benefit from:

CMI Product Knowledge – An introduction to the cleaning chemicals, how they differ from others on the market, and how to dispense each.
Safety – Information on personal protection while using the chemicals, accident prevention, and next steps to take in case of a spill.
Where and When to Use Products – Offers direction on which products are needed for each type of cleaning solution, including floors, machinery, general cleaning, and Anilox.

Providing Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

Committed to offering high quality products and innovative solutions at the best possible cost.

  • Water-Based Printing Facilities
  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Committed to offering high quality products and innovative solutions at the best possible cost, we strive to afford our customers with the best, fastest working, environmentally safe products. CMI serves many industries and facilities, including:

Water-Based Printing Facilities (We work with some of the largest Box Manufacturers) – CMI’s cleaning chemicals reduce preventative maintenance, improve print quality, reduce down time, extend equipment life and create a cleaner, overall facility.
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers – Our product ‘Flex” is safe on all surfaces and will not etch soft metals.
Warehouse and Distribution – CMI’s personalized cleaning program meets each facilities needs with safe, effective cleaning for all hard surfaces.
Manufacturing Facilities – Bolts, screws, & stamping; you name it CMI Products will clean it.