As a new leader in quality and safety, CMI continues to make a remarkable impact in many diverse industries. We are confident that we can deliver any product application you may require and train your facility in each product’s usage to ensure that you have chosen a chemical program that will reduce labor cost and increase productivity.
Our product list includes:

FLEX – (non-corrosive) This product is a catalactive cleaner that does not contain harmful toxic vapors and is safer than water-soluble solvent cleaners. This unique cleaner cleans and deodorizes simultaneously and contains no soaps, phosphates, highly toxic solvents, or non-biodegradable detergents, making it environmentally appealing. This highly versatile cleaner can be used in a wide range of applications from light-duty cleaning to heavy, industrial degreasing. The power of FLEX produces a spontaneous emulsification of inks and oils, breaks them up and holds them in suspension for easy rinsing or removal. This unique emulsification prevents the inks and oils from re-depositing on the cleaned surface. By using FLEX, you eliminate the need for several different chemicals in your cleaning arsenal.
FLEX Pot & Pan – (non-corrosive) This product option is ideal for food processing facilities, and school and hospital cafeterias and is used to cleaning anything utilized in food preparation and cooking.
E-Clean Plus – (non-corrosive) This cleaning solution is perfect for floor scrubbers used in Distribution Centers and leaves a nice shine on the floor without white residue.
CM-1 – (corrosive, no volatile organic compounds) CM-1 is very aggressive on industrial grease and oil cleaning issues. The product is fantastic for cleaning plastic manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, truck repair facilities, metal stamping facilities, and oil pipeline productions.
Dissolve It (2-Butoxyethanol) – (corrosive, contains volatile organic compounds) This product is very aggressive on grease and oil and works in all the same locations at CM-1. However, the product also contains Buytl, a potentially dangerous chemical component regulated by OSHA.
Chlorine Dioxide – Chlorine Dioxide kills all water-borne pathogens and can be put directly on food. Because of its level of safety, it is truly the best sanitizer on the market.
Smoke House – This cleaning solution is a strong alkaline product for cleaning surfaces utilized for cooking meat including ovens, grills, and cookers and is ideal for food processing facilities.
K-Foam SF Plus – A chlorinated cleaner ideal for raw meat, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetable facilities.
K-Foam LO – A cleaner ideal for raw meat, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetable facilities.
C2 Degreaser – This strong cleaner is used in plastic manufacturing and food processing plants.


All-in-One Cleaning Kit

CMI’s All-in-One Cleaning Kit provides a superior level of cleanliness at your facility while maximizing production time. CMI cost and space efficient bulk chemical delivery systems and chemical blending solutions reduce waste and lower overall operational costs by reducing labor and possible mistakes in manual systems. Each cleaning program is standardized for customers nationwide – we’ll ship you all of the products that you need in one package! Reduce downtime and confusion with the chemical kit tailored to fit your business.

Why use the All-in-One Cleaning Kit nationwide delivery service?
  1. Increase the profitability in your facility while utilizing safe, cost-effective products.
  2. Eliminate labor required to pour individual chemicals.
  3. Reduces incidents due to incorrect chemical pours caused by process confusion.
  4. Reduce chemical delivery charges.
  5. Avoid spills and reduce facility accidents.

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