Q: What are your capabilities on a national level?
A: We can ship, service and train regardless of facility location.

Q: How is your pricing compared to other leading national companies?
A: We are priced very competitive with leading nationwide companies. Additionally, we are priced very competitive to local suppliers and vendors.

Q: How are your products different?
A: Cleaning compounds have a positive and negative charge. However, at CMI, we have created compounds with only a positive charge. This positive charge attaches more easily to soils rich in negative charges.

Q: What industries can benefit from your products?
A: Any industry that requires hard surface cleaning. Furthermore, our products reduce waste and require fewer steps in the cleaning process.

Q: What intangible benefits does your product offer?
A: Reduces labor cost and increases productivity.

Q: Is your product safe for soft metals and painted surfaces?
A: Yes, our product ‘Flex’ (link to Flex), is a safe, non-corrosive catalactive cleaner.

Q: Why should a company do business with Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated?
A: We offer the best products at the best price with unsurpassed customer service and we care about results!

Q: Do you handle national accounts?
A: We have competitive programs in place for large national accounts as well as smaller local facilities.

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Located in Los Angeles, CMI has proven to diverse, nationwide companies through revolutionary products, proprietary chemicals, and superior service that we go above and beyond our competitors. Today, CMI is one of the fastest growing chemical companies in the country with innovative products and devices. more info

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