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Rubber Play Chippings

Rubber Play Chippings
Rubber Play Chippings and Rubber Mulch are the perfect products for making play areas, domestic and commercial. They are also an excellent alternative to all wood chip applications, since they are clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and most of all- fun.
Long-lasting Terrasofta play surfaces such as their Rubber Play Chippings are safe, easy to maintain and durable. They don’t just protect kids from serious injury; the Hygienilac antibacterial coating protects children from all manner of nasty bugs that inhabit play areas.
Rubber Play Chippings from Terrasofta do not need regular top-ups like other play surface materials. Terrasofta will not deteriorate, decompose or blow away, and is most likely the cleanest rubber loose fill available on the market today. Compared to other rubber products, Terrasofta’s Rubber Play Chippings are superior in every way as they are made from solid forklift wheels, which translate to pure soft rubber.
Rubber Play Chippings are not only the cleanest, softest play material available, they help protect kids from falls up to massive 6.4 meters. Car and truck tyres are never used in Terrasofta products, and they are absolutely wire-free.
Unlike other products that hide materials under a thick layer of paint, Terrasofta’s Rubber Play Chippings are child-friendly, pet-safe, non-toxic and hygienic. Terrasofta is the only play surface to be coated with Hygienilac, which kills harmful bugs and bacteria. Made from top-quality water-based dye from hygienilac, which prevents the bacteria’s access to nutrients so they starve and die. It has a kill rate of 99.9 per cent over a 24 hr period.
TerraSofta Rubber Play Chippings meet the latest BS EN 1177:2008 standards of impact absorption. This is the latest approved safety standard which measures the impact absorption of play surfaces from a range of fall heights from 0.6 to 6.4 metres. Enjoy a premium quality product without the premium price. Rubber Play Chippings are easy to install and are virtually maintenance free, and best of all, are barefoot friendly!
Terrasofta’s Rubber Play Chippings are available in brown rubber, grass green rubber, stone grey rubber, ocean blue rubber, plum rubber, woodland mix rubber and black rubber. Rubber Play Chippings are delivered in economical bulk or request easy to handle 20 kg bags. Terrasofta offers a 5% discount to schools, nurseries, foster carers and registered childminders, along with a 10% discount to charity organizations.
To see Terrasofta’s entire line of products, including their Rubber Play Chippings, Rubber Play Mulch and Mud Buster, please visit online at You can contact a specialist from Terrasofta by calling 01594 528268 or by emailing
For the cleanest, softest, safest Rubber Play Chippings available today, contact Terrasofta for more information on their products. Your kids will love playing on Terrasofta material, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their play area is clean and safe. When you’re planning your play area, consider the exceptional products from Terrasofta.

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Rubber Play Chippings Rubber Play Chippings

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