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Pruning and trimming are some of the essential tree maintenance and gardening techniques. As the name suggests, a Redmax hedge trimmer is used to trim small shrubs and hedges and is not recommended for pruning. Although some people use the terms pruning and trimming interchangeably to mean the same thing, they have distinct meanings and timing.

Pruning Vs. Trimming: What is the difference?

To understand the distinction between pruning and trimming it is necessary first to understand the functions of the two horticultural practices. Pruning is primarily done to prevent dead or loose tree branches from causing harm to the plant itself or people. The expected result of pruning is the flourishing of flowers and fruits.

The main idea behind pruning is not to stunt the growth of plants or trees but to stimulate it. Many people prune their plants and trees to get rid of branches that have been infested by pests and diseases. In addition, some use pruning to sculpt trees so that they can maintain certain aesthetic shapes.

There are different types of pruning including pollarding and topiary. The former is often undertaken annually to help plants produce new shoots each year. However, topiary involves shaping trees into various geometric or artistic shapes.

Trimming is quite simple in function and practice. It involves removing overgrown branches of shrubs and hedges. Unlike pruning, trimming is mainly done for aesthetic reasons. Plants with excessive overgrowth often receive less moisture and light. Therefore, it is essential to trim trees and shrubs regularly.


Pruning is mainly done using shears such as hand shears or lopping shears. Hand shears are designed to be handled with one hand and are often used to remove small buds and leaves. On the other hand, lopping shears have sizable handles that can be only be operated using both hands. In addition, they are used to cut larger tree branches. However, if you want to trim the branches of a hedge, consider using the Redmax hedge trimmer available at John Guire Co.

Can I use a chainsaw for trimming?

Although chainsaws and hedge trimmers seem to have similar designs, they have different and specific uses. A chainsaw is mainly used to cut tree trunks and branches. On the other hand, a hedge trimmer is used primarily for cutting the tips of small branches.

A chainsaw is not the recommended tool for trimming hedges because the cutting action of the tool is so powerful it pushes small branches away instead of cutting them. In addition, small branches can get caught in the teeth of a chainsaw and cause kickback, which can be extremely dangerous to the operator.

Expert recommendation

Our landscaping experts at John Guire Co. recommend you use the right tool for the job. Use a Redmax hedge trimmer for trimming instead of a chainsaw to avoid exposing yourself to harm. Consider the size of the branches you want to cut; small branches that fit in a hedge trimmer’s notches are too small for a chainsaw to cut.

Landscaping tools have different applications despite the common designs of some of them. Call John Guire Co. to help you choose the most appropriate tool for landscaping.

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