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Moving Companies Calgary

Sifting through all the moving companies in Calgary to find the best one can take time but is time well spent. Total Service Moving (TSM) is a Calgary moving company worth noting. Sure, we offer local and long-distance moving services, packing/unpacking services, packing materials supply, cleanup, and white glove moving services, but what makes us stand out is our commitment to customer care.

Most Calgary Moving Companies

TSM is one of the exceptions to how moving companies in Calgary operate. Most Calgary moving companies provide standard services to all of their customers. This can be a problem for people with special needs and requests as well as for people with more sensitive items that require special handling during a move. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being company policy limitations and the fact that these moving companies begin losing money when they go outside of their defined services, the typical Calgary moving company will only accommodate their customers to a minimal degree.

Customer Care is Our Thing

At Total Service Moving, we pride ourselves on covering the areas missed by other moving companies. We pride ourselves on providing stellar service throughout the move for our clients, from start to finish. Because TSM has relatively loose policies regarding service packages and entrusts more responsibility into the decision-making of our professional movers, we're able to go one step, or even a few steps, beyond what most moving companies can. For example, few moving companies in Calgary will provide both packing and unpacking services. Why so?

Make no mistake; we provide this service because many of our clients need it. Still, insurance companies are very strict about what movers can and can't do. Insurance companies consider it risky for many reasons if movers are packing and unpacking a customer's belongings. To offer this service, we must pay higher insurance premiums. We eat the cost so as not to pass it on to our clients. We acquire more business by offering services other moving companies can't, so we don't need to charge more for such services. Still, this is why most moving companies can't offer the services we offer.

TSM Gives You TST (Total Service Transparency)

When you receive a quote from Total Service Moving, we give you all projected costs up front. This way, you'll be able to incorporate all moving expenses into your budget. Barring something unforeseen that would justify an additional expense, such as other items you want to have moved not covered in your original quote, you can trust that the quote we give you is the total amount you will pay. Believe it or not, most movers make their money from hidden fees.

We're Here for Your Next Move

Whether your move is residential or commercial, TSM is here for you. We've got the trucks, equipment, and human resources to get any move done quickly, safely, and efficiently. You will be blown away by our upfront and affordable pricing as well as the quality of the work we do. If you are searching for reliable moving companies in Calgary, begin your search with Total Service Moving, and experience the difference only we can provide.

Moving Companies Calgary

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Moving Companies Calgary Moving Companies Calgary

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