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If you're in the water based printing industry, you need quality products to safely and effectively clean your valuable Anilox and Flex equipment. Please see our line of Flexo products. These are highly effective, non corrosive cleansers specially designed to safely clean delicate printing gear.

Anyone in charge of ordering cleaning supplies must know that not all commercial cleaning products are the same. Many readily available commercial cleaners are quite toxic. Some chemicals, when brought into contact with one another, whether by accident or design, produce deadly vapors and dangerous chemical reactions. Use caution when choosing your commercial cleaning products. The best thing you can do for your facility, your gear and your employees is to call on Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. Ask us about Flexo products. Tell us about your facility and the kinds of machinery, equipment and hard surfaces contained therein. Tell us about the gear and surfaces you intend to clean. We will advise you as to which of our ready made Flexo products or custom chemical blends is exactly correct for your particular situation.

Does it really make a difference which sort of commercial cleaning supplies you use? You bet it does. Not all cleaners are created as safely as Flexo products. In an effort to create a fast acting cleaner, some makers of commercial supplies utilize noxious and ofttimes toxic chemicals in their products. While it may be tempting to go with a product that works super fast, there are water based, non toxic, non VOC chemical blends that can do superior job of cleaning hard surfaces and precision equipment. Our ultra modern manufacturing facility is located at 2936 East 11th Street in Los Angeles, California, but we pack and ship nationwide. Be sure to ask us about discounts for bulk purchases of Flexo products.

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Flexo Products Flexo Products

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