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If your business requires blended chemicals, be careful when adding this to that. Better yet, contact Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. We are a certified and licensed chemical blending company located in Los Angeles, California. Give us a call and tell us what you need. Need a custom chemical blend? We can do that.

Water alone can be an effective cleanser, but for most industrial cleaning applications, a blend of one or more water based chemicals may be more appropriate. Mixing chemicals can be messy and even dangerous work. If you don't keep a full time chemical expert in house or on staff, you could be asking for trouble when you require an untrained employee to mix a batch of cleaning product. CMI is a Los Angeles based chemical blending company with the ingredients and expertise to custom blend any sort of cleaning compound you require. We specialize in non toxic blends and chemical blends that are very low toxicity when compared to other cleaning products supplied to the commercial clients. When you've got a lot of hard surfaces to keep clean, you may be tempted to use the strongest chemicals at hand. This is rarely a good idea. Speak with someone here at Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated and tell us about your facility and the equipment therein. We will advise you as to which of our ready made products or custom chemical blends is right for you.

Please use caution when choosing a chemical blending company to do business with. Not every chemical blender is as dedicated to environmental safety and employee health as Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date about happenings at CMI and announcements from Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. The Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated manufacturing facility is located at 2936 East 11th Street in Los Angeles, California, but we pack and ship nationwide.
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Chemical Blending Company Chemical Blending Company

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Located in Los Angeles, CMI has proven to diverse, nationwide companies through revolutionary products, proprietary chemicals, and superior service that we go above and beyond our competitors. Today, CMI is one of the fastest growing chemical companies in the country with innovative products and devices. more info

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